Innovit ICT Healthcheck

The Innovit ICT Healthcheck provides an independent assessment of your school's digital health.

Its purpose is very similar to a human health check in that all the parameters of your network's wellbeing are examined. From this audit, a report is written and presented to the school's Senior Leadership Team, giving them a clear insight into how ICT impacts upon teaching, learning and administration, both now, and in the future.

  • Independent evidence

    No obligations - just facts, leaving you well informed to better manage existing suppliers and staff, engage external expertise (if required), or take action at some future date.

  • Education Focus

    The report is presented in the educational context of your school by a consultant who is fully conversant with education and schools. It is underpinned by sufficient technical information to facilitate remediation, if required.

  • 360 degree assessment

    The assessment covers not just hardware, software, licensing and networks but also system management, procedures and routines, staff capability and staff's confidence in the network.

  • Future proofing

    The audit is carried out in the context of the school's future vision so that the Leadership Team gains a clear insight into what needs to be done and in what order.

  • Plain english

    The report is written and presented in non-technical language thus making the information provided more accessible and easy for the school decision makers to work with.

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